Music Town

Sitting out in the garden one Sunday afternoon...

“How many bands do you reckon there are in Bishop's Castle?”

“Well, there's not just the bands. What about the choirs, the solo acts, the orchestra and all that?”

“You could make a fantastic compilation cd just out of the music going on in this town.”

“Why don't we do it then?”

“Hmm, how many tracks do you think there'd be?”

“20? 30? in fact the only problem might be where do you draw the line?”

Well we've done it, and have managed to cram in 21 tracks all having a connection to our town and apologise to those we've had to leave out – perhaps there'll be another one?

But what a special town Bishop's Castle is! Here, less than 2,000 people enjoy 6 fantastic pubs, 2 of them with their own breweries and all of them music venues.
There are sports clubs, morris teams, a lm club, an arts society, clubs for gardeners, writers by the dozen, natural history bus, book groups and walking groups; there's a beer festival, a carnival, a walking festival, Christmas Lights, Michaelmas Fair, an Arts Festival, a Blues Fest, and that's without mentioning the wonderful “Party in The Park”. Musically we've got ska, indie, folk, jazz, blues, and rock and then there's the samba band, a classical orchestra, a swing band, djs and dance collectives and at least four dierent singing groups and choirs. It's a miracle that anyone ever gets any work done.

There are at least 180 performers on this cd and they're aged between 15 and 75 (not that we've quizzed them all!). It was produced with love, in the hope that youwill love the music of one small community – but then Bishop's Castle is a very special place! Take it home and enjoy 21 tracks from the Castle!

Jim, Di and Stew

Download the tracks, inserts and artwork from their bandcamp site.

More information:
Jim Gaffney,
Textile Techniques
High Street,
Bishop's Castle SY9 5BE

+44 (0)1588 638712